15 Mar

Coins for a New Car & a set of New Tires.

A while back I had decided that I wanted a new car. I hadn’t really planned to buy a new car anytime soon. Well I needed to find a way to pay for this car and for the new tires, one site i came across that explained this was time4tread.com, i was uncover what tires best suited my car, since I knew would be needed for this car to be complete. I knew I couldn’t get one in the too near future so I kind of placed the new car idea on the back burner. A couple months had passed and I found myself help clean out my dad’s place. He wasn’t the most organized guy, he had stuff everywhere. He liked to keep things. I wouldn’t go as far to say television show hoarder status, but he did have quiet the collection of random odds and ends that I probably wouldn’t have kept around as long as he had.

Picture of my new set of tires

We found some neat things, some things that brought back memories. I found old toys of mine, of course there were family pictures scattered through out the boxes, just wishing they could be displayed or placed in a photo album, and lots of little boxes of random odds and ends. I don’t know why but I decided to save these little boxes to open, for last. I spent the day moving things around, adding little boxes and jars of random things to my end of the day opening pile.

Finally the day ended. Thank goodness. I was tired but the house looked much better. It was time to sit down and start going through this pile of little boxes and jars. Lots of them were empty but some of them had coins in them. Coins that I hadn’t seen before. Once I was done emptying the boxes my dad joined me to look through the surprisingly large amount of coins I had found. That’s when he remembered he had started collecting coins as a hobby, thought it was something fun he could do, but lost interest in it fairly quickly and moved on to something else. He said they were probably worth something and that I was more than welcome to take these coins. So I did, turns out these coins were worth more than I thought. These coins helped to get me a good chunk of money to go towards this car that I didn’t think I would be able to get. So now I own a new-to-me car, with nice tires that I enjoy.